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Full Time Qt/C++ developer position in Portland, Oregon

  • Linux/C++ Software Engineer
    Department: Product Development
    SUBMIT RESUMES & COVER LETTERS TO: "Job314@elevenwireless.com":mailto:Job314@elevenwireless.com

    "Eleven":http://www.elevenwireless.com headquartered in Portland, Oregon is a highly successful, middle-stage growth company that provides software and professional services to customers in the hospitality industry. We are the market leader in this hospitality broadband market and are seeking a great talent to continue to fuel our growth. Eleven is a company building a world-class team by recruiting top quality people who are highly motivated software professionals.

    Eleven is recognized globally as a leader in our category and is recommended by premiere hotel groups such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Kimpton Hotels, and Hilton Hotels to name a few.

    Eleven is looking for people who are passionate about the software industry and want to work with the best and brightest. We value teamwork, the ability to meet commitments, strong communication skills and a successful track record. We strive for a healthy, productive work/life balance, while enjoying the opportunity to substantially contribute to the direction and success of a vibrant software business. Solid compensation and benefits with an exceptional opportunity to grow.

    Position Summary:
    You will join the Software Development group as a go-to C++ resource. You will be responsible for creating new features for our Business Center product as well as maintaining and debugging the existing code.

    Our Business Center product is mission critical to our business and as such this is a highly visible and absolutely critical position in our company. We are looking for a special breed of engineer capable of embracing the importance of his or her responsibility. In addition, you must have excellent people skills and patience for non-technical people.

    As a member of our Product Development Team, you will participate in daily project and department stand-ups. You will learn our Test-driven Development Methodology. You also will act as backup to your colleagues in the department. This will require you to gain a useful working knowledge of all Eleven's products and services.

    Core Job Responsibilities:
    • Design our next-generation Business Center solution

    • Develop code in C++ for our Qt cross platform solution

    • Create and maintain rigorous documentation
    • Write unit tests for all code
    • Run regression tests in our testing infrastructure

    • Safely rollout new code to remote systems during maintenance windows
    • Occasional maintenance windows will be performed late at night

    • Repair broken and buggy software
    • Do sustaining engineering on the Business Center product line
    • Add new features and capability to the platform
    • Write automated reports upon request

    Position is based at our headquarters in beautiful Portland, Oregon

    First 90 Day Success Plan:
    Within the first 90 days you will be expected to:

    • Familiarize yourself with Eleven's products, business models and customers
    • Assemble and verify the correctness of your personal development toolkit
    • Learn and prove your competency using our TDD development methodology
    • Help the team complete the port of our MacOS Business Center product to Lion
    • Contribute positively to Eleven's company culture

    Essential Skills and Experience:
    • B.S. in computer engineering or equivalent
    • 2+ years software development experience with Linux/C++/Qt development
    • 1+ year of SQL Database experience
    • Internet technologies (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript)
    • Ability to rapid prototype user experience mock ups
    • A practitioner of Test Driven Development methodology
    • Good communication skills

    Essential Competencies:
    • Eleven's fast paced work environment requires that you be flexible, adaptable and calm under pressure.
    • Eleven's technical platforms are diverse and complex. You must be highly intelligent and with exceptional analytical skills in order to navigate and understand the landscape.
    • Eleven is a fast-growing company with an entrepreneurial spirit; as such you must do your job efficiently, but with enthusiasm, and be able to work independently to get things done. To succeed you must work hard, take proactive measures and be persistent in striving for your desired outcomes.
    • A majority of our customers are 5-star, luxury hotels. We hold our employees to the same high standards that they expect of themselves and their vendors. We expect you to perform your job with integrity and attention to detail, always following-through with what you commit to and being proud of the work you do.

  • Hello ,
    3-4 years of software development. Independent R&D guy.
    Interested to work payable.

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