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Is there any QT users from Malaysia, anyone?

  • Hi guys, does anyone from Malaysia is also using Qt forum as I am?

    I appreciate this forum as it shares their knowledge to solve a lot of arising issues from every single questions shared in this forum.

    It would be great of I can meet with all the people sharing the same benefit of using Qt as I am, especially those living in Malaysia.

    So, to my fellow Malaysians.. if you're there, please respond, ya ^_^

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    Apa khabar, @Shahmisufi ? I'm originally from Malaysia, although I've been living in Australia for the past 12 years :)

  • Khabar baik, @JKSH ^_^ Finally, found one! Thanks for responding.
    wow, 12 years in Australia. I've never travelling overseas even once yet.
    Harap-harap satu hari nanti boleh menjejakkan kaki di Aussie

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