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    This topic for now just provides news and updates of the development progress of the plugin. Follow if you are interested.

    QrwAndroid - QML extension plugin

    The plan is to make a plugin which eases the development of native-looking Android apps with Qt and also provide the most commonly used features to developers without worrying to much about the proper integration and setup.
    Code even less, create even more ;)

    Planned Features:

    • Android QML elements (pure QML elements with Android look-and-feel - to be used on any platform also Qt runs
      • BottomSheets
      • FloatingActionButton
      • Cards
      • Sliders
      • Swipe to refresh
      • Loading/Progress Indicators
      • Date/Time pickers
      • ListItems
      • Left/Right swipe actions
      • GridList
      • ExpansionPanels
      • Divider
      • Dialogs
      • BottomNavigation
      • TextFields
      • Magnifier
      • SnackBars
      • Chips
      • Switch
      • SideNav (Drawer)
      • App/Nav bar
      • Fingerprint Dialog
      • Unlock-Pattern control
      • ScrollBar
      • Steppers
      • GridFlow (Masonry layout)
    • Misc. helpful Android utilities
      • adding/removing a file to the device's media library
      • control of the device's notification LED
      • vibration notifaction
      • Sharing of data with other Android apps
      • Device infos (isTablet, isPhone, isTV, .... )
      • DP/density calculation
      • runtime App Permission checking
      • enable/disable dim lock of screen
      • store rate notifier
      • fix screen orientation (during runtime)
      • Barcode scanner (using QXZing) integrated (including custom QML elements)
      • device fingerprint authentication
      • support for AndroidTV (Leanback)
      • support for Android Wear

    The plugin contains this basic Android feature set. Additionally it is possible to integrate (at compile time - qmake option) the feature sets of GOOGLE, AMAZON, FACEBOOK (maybe more will follow).


    • AdMob support
    • Google Cast support
      • stream local files to a chromecast receiver
    • Google Sign-in
    • Google Drive
      • provided items model
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Games



    • Facebook Login
      • QML login dialog
    • QML share dialog

    Follow this topic to keep up-to-date with the progress.
    I do not know yet when it will be finished, but i will post it here when i reache alpha/beta phase for testing if someone is interested. Also it's not yet determined if it will be commercial (small license fee) or open-source.

    Also if you are interested in this plugin you may want to rate up this post so i can evaluate how big the interesst in it is and keep up the energy i put into it. ;)

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    yes i am aware that there are various other libraries with a similiar scope available already .
    But nevertheless i am planning some controls and features i couldn't find in any of them.

  • I don't want to force you on anything, but wouldn't collaborating with Fluid make more sense ? at least for the UI controls.
    A lot of elements are already present there and it's a little bit more established.

    For example, I implemented some Steppers internally that I would rather contribute to Fluid because it has a larger audience ( if I take the time to actually clean my code and make it more generic).

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    @GrecKo said in QrwAndroid - QML plugin:

    I don't want to force you on anything, but wouldn't collaborating with Fluid make more sense ? at least for the UI controls.

    Thats not that easy. Most elements of mine are heavily webbed with my C++ classes (self-inheriting AndroidStyle as attached property, various Util classes, etc).

    And i am also not forcing anyone to use my library ;)
    At the end everyone has to decide on it's own which lib fits the best for his requirements (costs, features).

  • Fair enough, I understand and respect your position : )

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