Experienced Software Developer(5 years) looking for Remote Qt Project

  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am a computer engineer and since beginning of 2017 a freelancer. Before that I had been working in the automobile industry research & Development for Autonomous driving (or advanced driver assist system), Machine Learning, image processing. Most of the time I was enrolled as a function\ Algorithm, and\or Software developer. I have mainly used Matlab\Simulink, Visual Studio(CC++) , Enterprise Architect(UML),and since two years Qt (with VS).
    I am currently working in a project to 50% time as a C++ & Qt Developer in Berlin and would like to further extend my QT experiences to find a remote project, also in order to be financially fully occupied.
    I am ready to work on a Task\Milestone Basis and I am open for topics. My motto is to convinced by results. So I would be glad to put that into practice if anyone is looking for support.

    Best Regards

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