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Run Environment is missing DISPLAY env variable

  • When deploying to a device (Odroid in this case, but the specific device is not significant), the Run Environment is lacking the DISPLAY env variable. This causes the deployment to fail with a QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display error. Adding the DISPLAY variable set to :0 allows the application to launch correctly.

    If I check env in a shell on the target device, the DISPLAY variable is of course set to :0, as expected. But hitting "Fetch Device Environment" in QtCreator pulls in only a small subset (crucially, missing DISPLAY) from the device environment.

    How can this be fixed, besides adding that variable manually every time I open a project?

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    you can try qputenv before creating a QApplication instance.

  • Thanks @raven-worx
    I'm not convinced that any proactive action ought to be required, but I have verified that adding qputenv("DISPLAY", ":0"); before creating the QApplication instance does indeed work.

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