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Set photo for my forum acount not possible

  • Hello,
    how can I change my photo.
    In the Edit page I click on the "change picture" button. What must I do in the dialog ???

    Gravatar is selected, click on Gravatar -> nothing happens
    Click on "Default Icon" and "Save Changes" -> Next click "change picture" button -> Gravator is select again.

    How works the dialog ???

  • Moderators

    Gravatar is an external service. You add your picture to the email you use for the forum on their website:
    Then your picture is picked up automatically on this forum and anywhere else in the internet that uses gravatar and you logged in using that email.

  • Hi @Chris-Kawa,

    aha, I was surprised about the strange name "GRAVATAR" for a simple photo. :-)
    Now, I understand - it works - thank you very much.

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