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    On the "member list page":, what is the difference between "Total Comments" and "Total Entries" in the "Sort" box? For me, at least, they seem to return exactly the same results. Is it supposed to be number individual comments vs. number of discussion threads contributed to? Both seem to return the total number of comments posted.

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    Yes, those numbers are the same for everyone.

    I think the comments thing is not implemented yet.

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    It would seem so. Just wasn't sure if it was a known issue or not.

  • afair there were difference between them at 2010, but it was removed. Not sure what comments stand for. Blog comments maybe?

  • Comments are the things posted on the blogs, the videos, the faqs in the comment field. (Doc notes are not counted there yet.)

    That member search form is a core bit of the CMS so unless we have to change it I'd rather leave it. :/

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