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Qt Developer for Viking Software

  • We are a consulting company with a focus on Qt on desktop and Linux embedded. We are currently searching for a developer to join our office in Barcelona.

    You must have a university level degree in computer science, some years professional coding experience and a lot of C++/Qt experience. You need to have a broad Qt experience that at least includes QML, because we have a specific QML based project that needs more hands right now.

    Are you:

    • Already in Barcelona? Remote is a possibility, but on site in Barcelona is preferred.
    • Interested in a position in a consulting company?
    • A great Qt and C++ coder?
    • Very self motivated?

    Then we would like to hear from you.

    When I write "a great Qt and C++ coder", I actually mean it. Don't apply if you're not ready to be an expert compared to the customers' own developers. As a consultant you will always be tested by the customer projects in areas you don't have any previous experience, but the Qt side needs to be covered.

    The common language is English, so you need to be able to both speak, read and write it reasonably well. We do have English classes available for all employees, but this is only supposed to be for improving.

    Plus points for experience with git, yocto, and Android/iOS. And with Qt certifications, of course, but if you don't have those already, we will help you get them.

    Thank you for considering a position at Viking Software.

    Bo Thorsen bo@vikingsoft.eu
    Director, Viking Software.

  • Thorsen I am holding a bachelor degree in aerospace engineering and passionate programmer in Qt, i will push in my CV let me know if you like to speak to me. I am immediately available for work. In your JD you said remote is possible so why don't you start with me remotely. I can do fantatstic job for you.

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