KIT Scenarist, open source screenwriting software

  • Hey, guys!

    I create screenwriting software named KIT Scenarist. My project is free and open source [web:, sources:].

    The application is a complete studio for creating screenplays. It includes organizer for research documents, corkboard, specialized screenplay text editor, reports and statistics module. And of course, it is written fully in C++ and Qt.

    I develop this project more than 3 years. And application much grew for this time. In last days was fixed 20000 installations!

    I just want to share the project with the community. Maybe someone finds it useful or will want to contribute to project. Even if you just want to talk about the app I will be glad to hear you! Welcome to discussion!:)

    Some screenshots:

    Index Cards

    Screenplay editor

    Story structure analysis plot
    Story Structure Analisys

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    Nice, thanks for sharing!

  • Hey, guys! We added information about the opportunities and ways to participate in the project!

    Join yourself and call your friends too :)

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