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Is the "Mad Scientist" status really meant to be attainable?

  • 10387 points, that's 2168 forum posts. In six months, that's 361 forum posts per month. That's about 18 forum posts per day. Unless you are getting paid to post to DevNet forums, who is supposed to ever get there? :-)

  • trust me it'll be worth it :) ... some of us are gunning for it :P and I think it is attainable

  • Someone's done his math here. ;)

    You get points for all kinds of activities, not just forum posts, and the amount differs. And when I looked at chetankjain's profile this morning I was actually wondering if it was too easy...

  • @alexandra: it is NOT easy :P u have to put in some time lol

  • @chetankjain Your points are really great. But your forum posts, tags and comments make only around 30% of your total points.

    And there aren't much wiki posts either, so please let us know which other area helps you score more.

  • QtK, As I know most part of chetankjain points are from tags for FAQ articles.

  • @Denis, yes got quite a few points over a long weekend in the FAQ section, where I reviewed all the FAQs, tagged them and added comments for correction for over 40 FAQs as I remember ...

    @qtk, there are many forum posts that still need a solution, which I try to solve whenever I get free time ... and lot of wiki pages still to be added, +7 points for each :)

  • OK, ok, I am giving up. You guys go for it :-)

  • [quote author="kalle" date="1283931692"]10387 points, that's 2168 forum posts. In six months, that's 361 forum posts per month. That's about 18 forum posts per day.[/quote]

    2k+ forum posts is not that much... on qtcentre the current "record" is 18k+, so it is possible, all you need is knowledge and passion... for example i have there about 300 post in about 4 months and i'm just learning C++ and Qt, so kalle don't give up ;) you can learn and still help others

  • well said Zlatomir, I've been active only for about 2 months in QtDN ... just a couple of hours a day at the most! and tonnes to learn :)

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    Zlatomir: Yes, it is no problem to write lots of posts, but the points for those time out after six month here. So you have to write about 1.7k posts (minus points for other stuff) in those six month to become a mad scientist and then continue to pour in another 1.7k posts per month to stay at that level.

    I think that does require some determination:-)

  • average about 60-70 points a day, every day ...

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