Forum BUG if you use a 4k resolution

  • I'm using a 4K monitor and FF in full hight. All the postings on the first page do fit on the screen this way. Downside, there are no more postings to brows because there is no scroll bar and without a scroll bar i can't scroll and without scroll the forum will not load more pages or postings. I hate that function on blogs and other sites, the classic pagination is still the best. :)

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    Thanks @qDebug
    Now I need to find someone with a 4k monitor to check :)
    How much blank do you have on the screen? I'm wondering if adding the default load amount would be a simple fix.

  • To be save 5 more postings would do. Maybe 3 or 4. Since there are 5K monitors out there i suggest a different solution. Maybe compare in JavaScript the window and document hight, if both the same, there is no scroll bar.

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    I'll see if there is a quick fix and take a look if this is something that has been taken care of recent builds of NodeBB.

  • Thanks you, works for me now :)

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