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Looking for a remote Qt developer with Android experience

  • Hi devs!
    We are looking for a Qt developer with Android experience to port OGRE 3D engine to Android and integrate it to Qt.

    We have developed an embedded Linux application but out goal now is porting it to Android. One of its main features is the 3D environment and unfortunately, that is far beyond my knowledge.

    We offer a temporal / remote job that consist in:

    1. Compile OGRE's libraries: Xalafu (1.10.3 ) version was used but without success.
    2. Create a basic example in Qt that can run in Android and Linux-x86 (optional) : this should be a basic example that allows us to verify if the performance is good enough.
    3. After the first two stages, an integration with our application could be necessary. If so, this would a time consuming activity because the compatibility with our embedded Linux could not be broken.

    If you are interested, please contact me so that we can discuss more details and your needs to start!

    Thanks in advance,

  • Ar you sure you want to do this Fernando ? Qt 3D Studio is just around the corner, and OGRE is very very old.


  • No I don't. I think that a reimplementation from 3D environment with Qt 3D is the best approach but our application is already implemented with OGRE.

  • @Ferni

    We can surly support you on this requirement of yours mail me on

  • @columbus

    Hi! I sent you a more detailed email. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Sure we can support on your requirement kindly share me scope of the requirement .

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