Configure number of posts per page

  • I think its a good idea to allow user to set his preference on how many posts the user wants to see in one screen, currently its fixed

  • I've seen that before on forums. I wonder however how often people really use it to adjust the number of posts. We shall discuss.

  • when the number of posts gets larger, I personally prefer to fetch 100 results per page to avoid fetching 5 times 20

  • I agree with chetankjain.
    It will be helpful to set it as a preference, specially if posts have myraid no of replies.
    It will be handy for users who have bigger screens with good resolutions - who would want to see more posts at once. And for user with smaller screen too.

  • @Alexandra: I always adjust to "as much as possible" if I actually use a forum (which I generally try to avoid!). Forums are very inconvenient to use in the first place, having to jump from page to page makes them even worse.

  • Fine. I made it a feature request and we will discuss the options.

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