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Unsolved instead unanswered posts

  • Would be great to have a switch in the topic, if it is unsolved or solved. In the forum menu I would rather see the unsolved problems than the unanswered.

  • Related suggestions were raised couple of times previously. But such addition to them will be useful I think.
    Also I want to add my five cents to it. It will be useful also to mark thread as solvable (not all threads are needed to be solved, there are also announcements, suggestions and other types).

  • I am chewing on a broader solution for this. We want to have Q&A features for the forums but we want to do it properly.

    It ties together with the planned reputation system (think: fancy badges), the tags, the rating of answers and also the option to mark questions as solved and answers as helpful. The idea is to sketch out the scope of the project and then see where and when and how we can start with the implementation.

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