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  • I want to hire android app developer in UAE who can help me create a responsive and user-friendly mobile app? I want my application to be discovered on Google search engine, Google plays as well as on the Apple Store. If you guys have some good ideas, I am all ears to your offers. Past experience in developing a cross-platform app is preferred. Looking for someone who is innovative, creative and can work on my ideas. I don’t want many functionalities. The app will follow the minimalistic approaThank you so much!

    [EDIT: Link removed -- JKSH]

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    Hi @maryhall, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net.

    This is a Qt forum. Are you looking for a Qt-based solution for your app(s)?

  • Hi @maryhall, I got small Qt experience and greate C++. I also know ground for Qt Android apps. I can help you to fulfill your dream.

  • @maryhall we have very good experience in Qt / Android/IOS development we have developed lots of app which we could showcase for your references

    Please do mail me the details Columbus at claysol dot com

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