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Some doubt on a page added just now

  • Hi to all,

    I have added a wiki article in the tools section with an introductory quick-guide to "Qt-Complex": that I have recentrly released on
    The article introduces the fastest way to keep the framework working in a Qt-Quick project with some notes on the main principles it is based on. This quick guide to be completed needs other two or three similar articles linked together. All the references to discussed arguments are linked to the projet wiki pages so the user can see in-dept the desired arguments.

    At this point the question is: what is the best practice? Should I complete this three more pages leaving the full guide and software details together in the project wiki or expand the developer wiki section covering all the application aspects leaving the exclusive software-related and technical questions discussed in the project wiki?

    Thank for any advice or suggestion.

  • nice work Alicemirror

  • Thank you saidiahd!

    I am a bit worried to write too much on the developer wiki... Probably the best solution will be the guide on the wiki and the technical documentation on the project wiki...

  • Hi Enrico,

    It looks good as it is.

    With the links you get easily to the projects page elsewhere.

    If you put every technical detail here too, you will have to maintain all your info twice.

    Imo it's accesible to everyone right now. And you get people from both places visiting.



  • It's true, Eddy.

    I should complete this article and take it as an introduction.


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