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QML Thread module

  • I have developed a module that supports parallel threads in qml, supports object orientation with Item {}, ready for sharing and simple to use, and really very powerful for qml threads.

    import m7.Threads 1.0


    id: thread
    runnable: "qrc:Runnable.qml"
    threadMap: ThreadMap // map datas
                          itens: { 'a':1,'b':2 }
     console.log("Begin process")


        var total =  sum


      // Runnable is dead
      console.log("End process")


     Component.onCompleted: start()


    //File Runnable.qml

    import m7.Threads 1.0


    function run(){

      var sum = a + b
       //send to Thread parent signal to slot onFromRun
       toThread({'sum': sum}) 



  • Great! Thank you for sharing. Can you post a link to the source code?

  • @Wieland Of course, soon I will pass the link of git to be able to download with the documentation of the module = D

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