Qt-Complex 1.0 Beta released

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    Hi to all,

    I have released just now "Qt-Complex 1.0 Beta":https://projects.developer.nokia.com/Qt_Complex a framework of basic and complex components that aims to give an effort developing Qt-Quick / QML User Interfaces.

    Frequently the documentation about QML features reports examples explaining a single feature or a method, a tecnique etc. These examples are always centered to manage a specific problem. But sometimes it is not so simple moving what is working in the example or in another app to our project. I have also experienced many cases of very good examples with undocumented code: not simple to understand what the developer had in mind when created its code.

    There are also good pre-built components that can be adapted in our applications: the same standard components of the most recent Qt-Quick release and other third party products. The limit is that these libraries or plugins or components can't be customized at a code-level. Developing applications for the clients it is not rare that they have their own UI designs, special components, strange behaviors needed and so on.
    As a matter of fact the conclusion is that in the real world it is rare to meet cases where some kind of standard UI can be adopted without difficult.

    Qt-Complex follows the idea of a open framework. It is a code package that can be added to any Qt-Quick project - also existing - giving the possibility to manage complex components like Ovi maps navigation, animated toolbars, grouped switches etc.
    Following the QML philosophy Qt-Complex is hyerarchical so you find simple elements (button switch, button, standard toolbar, ...) and complex elements that reuses the same base objects.
    This framework wok with themes: this means that the same object (part of the framework itself or adapted and customized) can be reused with different graphic elements. I found this really useful testing UI for the clients when they like somthing different but are not sure of the effect.

    Another interesting effort is that all the objects should not to be wired in the code but are loaded. Using the loading method I found two great advandages: the first is that when some objects becomes unnecessary for the application (i.e. the splash screen image shown only at the program startup) these can be unloaded freeing memory and resources.
    The second advantage is that the QML documents are dynamically passed to the loader as strings. This meanss that the application logic can be dramatically simplified and the loaded documents can be calculated by inline functions against complex tricks difficult to manage when the application logi grows.

    More information, examples, downloadable material, wiki pages etc. can be found in the project pages at the following link:

    Last but not least Qt-Complex is released as open source for the community under LGPL 3.0 license.

  • Thank you for sharing this with the community

  • The main reason that I created Qt-Complex is that I need it so the framework was thought to be useful simplifying the Qt-Quick / QML development. Now I am updating the documentation. Hopefully if other uses it I can update the project integrating needs and suggestions.

    There are also other components I have to insert in it that I will do next days.


  • Nice marketing!

  • Thank you Eddy,
    I hope that it maybe useful for the community.

    I have in mind to complete this framework with few other essential components (lists, web components, animated banners and a couple of other stuff) Then the Test application should became the quick use guide and all put on the Ovi store. What do you think ?

  • I haven't looked into it yet, but i am planning to do for sure.

    What do you want to accomplish by putting it on the ovi store? The main audience there are users not programmers. On the other hand it proves it's usefullness (necessitas did it too).

    Qt-apps.org could be a good place too to make your project widely known to Qt developers.

    Maybe a wiki page here with a short tutorial on how to install it will help.

  • Mmmmmhhhhh... You have always good advices, I should add you in my preferred page :) sure!

    I plan to publish on Ovi store the sis application. Those that in this 1.0 beta is the test app - that remains because a simple test-lab is useful - become the quick usage guide. Then when you install the application you get all the information to use, install, manage components etc (like the project wiki pages I am writing now) and the link to download it.

    I am aware that Ovi store peoples are not developer but someone is and I agree about the usefulness proving. Then it's opensource so if you find on Ovi store... why not? At least if the user or developer don't like it can discard and definitely free space and resouces on his device :)

    As I finish to write the essential wiki pages I will check qt-apps.
    As I complete the wiki pages with usage notes I update you. You say a wiki page on the Qt-apps.org site ? I don't know it yet :(

  • I think your pages and announcement here would really benefit from from screenshots and perhaps -casts for animated bits.

  • Hi Andre, thanks.
    I can add screenshots too, as they are also in the project pages. But what do you mean animated bits ? Do you think I should update the top of the thread or add new posts with screenshots ?

  • bq. I should add you in my preferred page :)


    bq. You say a wiki page on the Qt-apps.org site ? I don’t know it yet :(

    No Enrico, i wrote "here", on devnet. but you are already on top of it. On qt-apps. org you can put the install instructions in the description text if it's short or add a readme or install file in your project.

  • Many thanks. I will provide :)

  • When reading this post, I remember one thing said in a Hollywood Movie GI Joe. "There is no limit for real time applications". Because QML is already easy and you are making it still easier. Thank you. Nice!

  • Thank you too :)

    At the actual date the version is over ... You can check http://projects.deveoper.nokica.com/Qt_Complex for the last update. The version 1.1.0 is already on Ovi store and I am working for the 2.0 release. There are new posts about and an how-to in the wiki page on Qt-Complex installation and quick usage.
    Then last but not least, I am Qt Ambassador with Qt-Complex so it is also from some days in teh Qt Ambassador showcase.


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