Need Help for Video Streaming using UDP Sockets

  • Hi guys
    i want to create p2p call application
    i want to record audio and capture the video from mic and camera and streamly send it to target using udp sockets and then other side receive it and play it using qmediaplayer but i can't find any doc or tutorial that explains qmediaplayer and qmediarecorder
    can you help me ?

  • Hi! Maybe have a look at Telepathy before you reinvent the whole wheel.

  • Thelepathy uses xmpp protocol
    but my server protocol was designed by base sockets
    so i need a media streamer library based on absolute sockets

  • Unencrypted video and audio stream over the network. I hope you are talking about a private LAN otherwise the internet is not a place to do this stuff.

    I never did it myself but with the socket as device should do it.

    I still recommend using a more mature and safe protocol like xmpp or a more secure protocol

  • thanks for link
    my protocol is secure using RC4

  • You can achieve this by using libVLC or FFmpeg.
    This will give You absolute control over the data so You can even encrypt it on the fly (every CPU can handle this) and send using Your own UDP implementation.

    Sooner ot later You will run into problems with multimedia in Qt. I personally think that it's easier to use above libs then sub-classing / writing missing pices of code to multimedia framework. Also with above You don't need to worry about codecs.

  • thanks
    that was so helpful :)

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