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Synapse - Open Source Compositor

  • Hello, partly as an excuse to make threads and test the forum, but also as a plug:

    Synapse is my final year university project. It is a compositor (like Photoshop, but for sequences of images, used to create effects for films etc.). It uses Qt for pretty much everything except the 3D shader/renderer side, as the Qt offerings don't (currently) support floating point to my knowledge (QImage especially).

    A video will probably deomstrate the project best:
    "(Basic Introduction to Synapse)":

    There are others in the same channel if you want to see more too.

    The interface is written using graphicsview, and the data management for the application uses a system derived from QObject (similar to Qt's itemview stuff, but not).

    You can also download and try it out if you like - its hosted at: "": Unfortunately I havent gotten around to trying Git yet, so SVN only.

  • I'll watch video later but it sounds really interesting. :) Is there any other application (especially on Linux) exists like Synapse? If yes, which parts of Synapse is better than them?

  • Yes, there are different applications that are also on linux (Linux is udes a lot in the CG industry), especially Apples Shake and The Foundrys Nuke. There are others (even other open source ones, Ramen I think)

    Most alternatives however, aren't open source and are rather expensive. Also synapse uses GLSL to optimise image composition, so it should render in realtime, if using sensibly sized images, in reality with hard drive load time it isn't quite.

  • A slick looking app grate job.

  • seems pretty cool and with great potential.
    just an advice for the future, try to make it so you don't jump from actual footage to a text screen, it makes it all a better experience to watch.
    nice job.

  • Yes, that irritated me too, however I edited the video on linux using kdenlive, and it didnt seem to support transparent images for the titles...

    Anyway, I'll use premiere next time!

  • Really looking nice!

  • Very nice! I like!

  • I've seen the video ... looks very good !!

    I also had an idea to make a free a compositor, I called it Mewa Film, and was done with Qt as well. Check out "":

    I still try to improve it on my free time, when I find some :(

  • Really nice, great job!

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