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Looking for an experienced Qt developer to implement new features into Prismatik open source app

  • Hi,
    I am looking for an experienced Qt developer to implement new features into Prismatik open source app

    Prismatik software and source code can be downloaded from

    I am testing Prismatik for 32bit Windows XP

    Prismatik build instructions for Windows

    If you open Prismatik for Windows, you can select Virtual LED Device ( no real LED lighting connected).
    I am interested to:
    modify Virtual LED Device,
    modify screen capture areas
    at the beginning

    Please let me know your opinion

    thank you

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  • Banned

    I am interested into contributing to this work. Will there be any hourly rate possible ? or is it freely to be supported.

  • My friends,
    thank you for your interest.
    Please just install this application on your own and try to reply my questions.
    I am free to respond all your questions once you got to know Prismatik app.
    All links have been provided.

    This QT Jobs forum is low traffic service

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  • @imironchik Igor, thank you for your interest.
    You are right, money is what makes us happy.
    But how can I start with a large project if I get low interest on a simple assignment.
    I spent years with MIT MediaMOO - object programming, Coffee&Power, Second Life projects, Nokia Maemo, Navteq Location Based Services, Google Maps apps and 100+ more places globewide.
    C&P was a large interactive platform for small jobs like I want you to ... or I can do ... for $... , payment online via Paypal.
    Maybe I should go to Rent-a-Coder one day.
    I have already contacted the genuine developers, project developers but there is no interest to develop a fork, since a final product if made of software part + hardware part and it's clear, new features implemented into software part can affect hardware part.

    There is a new key developer for Prismatik and we have talked some details and his fork of Prismatik is today the official fork, so one another fork may not work for them today.

    All I need are simple diagnostic features to get assured, the calculated RGB point value for the selected screen capture rectangle is the value sent to RGB LED controller, flashing the wall behind the TV set with correct RGB value for LED segment.
    Since I have tested virtual LED device and watching green I don't get the same green level as output a.s.o. I need diagnostic part to be developed.

    Prismatik is all about the idea by Philips to develop Ambilight to work live real-time at 30-60fps.

    There is a number of HTML5 implementations of Ambilight but all of them lack of diagnostics, configuration tools to get assured, what you want is what you get.
    Money is not a problem, since new features can be implemented on a permanent basis.

    Ok, I would prefer to work locally at my desk with my friends.
    Unfortunately I don't know QR developers locally.

  • Sorry but, what exactly prismatick do?

  • @darius so basically you want someone to work for you for free, right?

  • @vivaladav my friend set up and managed Second Life and Coffee and Power platforms. C&P was intended to offer and request micro jobs on-line, supported by on-line payment system (PayPal) controlled by admin. It was so easy to post micro job offer, micro job request since matching was done live, the same day. C&P supported either interactive chat or emailing, so if micro job request attracted nobody due the price offered, it was easy to request more and more to meet demand. I am really sorry, I don't know how much should I offer, since Prismatic has official key developer and code is open, but there is no chance to get it forked, since interest in new features is not coming from the users but as the official offer by the company. In the meantime I have joined Philips Hue LED Light as a developer, interested to meet others to work on Ambilight add-ons, but Philips has no developers group for Ambilight and all great project of Ambilight clones get developed and promoted by individuals via Internet, Instructables ... I am fully aware of the limits of Ambilight's approach, since capture areas placed around the edge of the screen don't capture central scenes and don't project them as compressed single RGB point to the wall.

    I have small budget to fund new features and get them public as open source, so please let me know your terms.
    Neverthless, the Virtual LED Device, acting as simulator of RGB LED strip is very basic and my plans is to exactly to add new features to Virtual LED Device, to capture areas managment and more like to replace rectangular capture areas by closed polyline described capture objects. Great feature is to redirect video input to web cam and play HTML5 based emulator of Ambilight. So my plans are always great ;)

  • @mrdebug Thank you for your question. I should point you to official website of Lightpack - Prismatic app https://www.reddit.com/r/Lightpack/ at first

    What is Lightpack?

    Lightpack is an open-source device, which lightens the area behind your computer or TV screen to strengthen the presence effect. The device needs to be mounted on your TV or computer screen and connected to your PC, Mac or HTPC via USB

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