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More suggestions for wiki diff

  • ok couple of more suggestions ...

    1. side by side diff is not useful at all as it cuts off major part of the text, something more intuitive is required here. if i'm comparing two older versions, there is no way i'll know what was changed where, i'll have to again come to inline diff

    2. when i already have diff'ed 2 versions, and i wanted to diff with another version, i went hunting for the "view diff" button, its look and feel should be changed to match other buttons in the forum. This button is all white in color and almost camouflaged with the diff text area :)

  • Could you elaborate on "as it cuts off major part of the text" in item #1?

    For item #2; we shall get a better button in place :)

  • for item #1, when the diff is split in between, the left and right frame show only some portion of the article, the remaining portion to the right of the article is cut off. No scroll bars, can't see what was on the right .. hope I could explain properly.. better you could see it directly

  • Ok, can reproduce it now: If I go to "http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/diff/QtCreatorWhitepaper":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/diff/QtCreatorWhitepaper and view a diff I can see all the text wrapped neatly in boxes when I use FF. But when I use Chrome I get the cutoff on the right.

    So it's a cross browser bug we need to fix, thanks!

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