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CuteReport 1.3 released!

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    CuteReport is an easy, powerful and extendable report solution based on Qt framework. Generally CuteReport consists of two parts: core library and template designer. Both are totally modular and theirs functionality can be simply extended by writing additional modules. It's totally abstract of used data and can use as storage: file system, database, version control systems, etc. The project's goal is to provide powerful, but yet simple to use for inexperienced user and report designers, reporting system.

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    Full Changelog for version 1.3:

    • NEW: Translator module has been added (pro version)
    • NEW: Form module to create dynamic dialogs (pro version)
    • NEW: Function "pluralSpell" added to the SpellOut module (pro version)
    • NEW: Split of items support in Rendering engine (pro version)
    • NEW: Memo item smart text splitting implemented (pro version)
    • NEW: Report now can accept QObject* as a report variable type
    • NEW: PainterDelegate implemented to provide ability for a custom application to paint directly on a report item
    • NEW: Canvas item added to provide canvas for a custom application painting logic (pro version) See code example in "examples/code/example_delegates"
    • NEW: ScriptDelegate implemented to provide ability for a custom application to export script objects with custom properties to bring additinal functionality to the CuteReport Script Engine
    • NEW: Some code examples have been added See "examples/code/"
    • NEW: Report inheritance: report now can inherit objects from another one. These objects will be updated automatically when base report is changed
    • NEW: Index band to print data like a "Table of Contents"
    • NEW: Save/Load of selected items to/from external file for further reusing in another reports
    • UPDATE: Demo application is now able to show report in different translations if such available in the report
    • UPDATE: Documentation updated: Designer "Translator" module
    • UPDATE: Documentation updated: Designer "Forms" module
    • UPDATE: Documentation updated: Script Engine "Forms" example
    • UPDATE: Documentation updated: Formatting type "iso" is added for date and time
    • UPDATE: Documentation updated: pluralSpell function description has been added to the chapter "Functions -> Spelling out"
    • UPDATE: SqlDataset: database options have been added
    • UPDATE: CSVDataset: added ability to edit and store text data
    • UPDATE: pressing Del keyboard in ObjectInspector now removes selected items
    • UPDATE: Console application: option to set preview window size has been added
    • UPDATE: Memo and MemoExt new properties: lineSpacing and textIndent
    • FIX: SF#31 Qt 4.6 compilation error has been fixed
    • FIX: OS native and Qt save dialog now show correct path while saving report on Designer exit
    • FIX: crash on nested item deletion
    • FIX: DemoApp small fixes
    • FIX: a lot of other bug fixes

  • @Alex Thanks for sharing, is there any documentation or tutorial links for cutereport?

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