Good preparation material for 010-003 Qt and QML Essentials

  • Hi,

    I am wondering if there is good preparation material for the topics of Qt and QML Essentials 010-003. The book colleagues used for their certification (010-002) is based on Qt4 and does not cover QML so it's probably not very helpful to me.

    Thankful for any pointers.

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    I dont know the 010-003 but this free book
    give good basic QML intro.

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    it's not learning material, but it shows the exact topics of the certification: Link

  • @raven-worx Do you have anything similar for core and widgets?

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    Here you go

  • @raven-worx
    Thanks, I had already found that. Sorry for not being more precise in my question.

    What I am looking for is a book that goes kind of in line with those topics. I mean, I can of course now google every topic and read what comes up but I prefer to sit on the couch with a good book and after reading it have 80 % of the topics scratched. And from what I heard from my colleagues, "C++ GUI Programming with Qt4" from Blanchette and Sumerfield was such a book for the earlier curriculums. The book market seems to me more scarce for Qt5.

    Thanks for the link. As far as I can tell, that book is not worked on anymore for over a year and the pull requests are stacking up. However, I am reading part of it right now. :)

    Kind regards

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    Yes its not 100% up to date but as far as i know , the QML core part has not changed that much
    and the improvements to Quick COntrols 2 should not make most of the information in the book any less accurate. At least it seems a good start with QML in any case. :)

  • @I-C-Wiener

    But I have no idea how well it matches what you're looking for...

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