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Does anyone do qt other than phone in this forum???

  • if anyone do qt other than phone in this forum then please share your experience.

  • I always try my application in desktop (linux) before try to compile for symbian and in desktop the applications work better than symbian. Indeed I think that the Qt framework is more stable under desktop than under symbian

  • [quote author="ScienziatoBestia" date="1309427554"] Indeed I think that the Qt framework is more stable under desktop than under symbian [/quote]

    That is because Qt Framework was mainly developed for desktop and embedded and then ported to Symbian.

  • I do the vast majority of Qt work for desktop and embedded targets. Mobile is something I am only just starting to get into.

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    I've been doing Qt desktop development for about 14 years now (since Qt 1.2!) Mobile is fairly new to me, too, but I've found that it's been a very easy transition. I wouldn't say the platform is less stable in a mobile environment, as I've generally never had stability issues at all. But then again, I guess it depends on what you consider "stable" to be.

  • I did my final year university project using Qt for a opengl desktop app this is probably still one of Qt's strongest points I now work for a company doing a mixture of Desktop and Embedded linux but not phone development another one of Qt's strongest points is how well it works across platforms and how you don't really have to think about writing windows code like windows people do etc. I have always found it to be stable and haven't ever had major bugs effect me

  • IM doing Qt for desktop (Windows) now since 10 years. In between I had 7 years where the app also had run on embedded Linux, all for industrial customers.

    In my spare time I also do some Qt but only for the Desktop, so till now, I never made mobile apps.

  • I have been developing with Qt for 4 years professionally on the desktop. My hobby coding has also mostly been on the desktop. My opinion is desktop development with Qt is simply a pleasure! Just recently started to take a interest in mobile platforms. I do find the mobile API's a tad unstable and lacking in documentation in comparision to the desktop API's. But it's understandable considering the rapidly evolving market and the pressures to keep up.

  • My main focus on Qt is for desktop! :-)

  • I mainly used Qt for desktop applications, but now I'm also using it on Scanner with WinCE and I'm also playing with some test app' on my maemo5 phone :-)

  • I am doing Qt for Desktop applications and like its syntax. I have tried Qt with Embedded programming (Rs 232/Arduino) and some external libraries. Next one would be working on Image & video data processing and making use of Concurrent & Threaded applications :)

  • I was doing embedded and mobile for many years. But I head a dream. One day I would be able to deploy my application (for learning languages) to a handheld device so people can use it in public transport. I am working now on a mobile port. My dream will become true very soon.

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