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[SOLVED -- DON'T WASTE TIME ON THIS THREAD] Background Information

  • Hello Qt Devs!

    Instead of spamming every thread with background info on my project (I do ask questions a lot), here's a summary of what my project actually is.

    I am building a PostgreSQL DB that will store quality assurance data. This data comes from multiple QA tests, which are performed on several industrial devices. There are approximately 300 tests total, although they are divided in the following manner:

    @Group that perform them->Type of test->ID of test.@

    A mechanical test performed by a physicist would be, for instance, categorized PHY.MEC.1.

    I want my application to do two things: display old data that is already in the DB and provide an intuitive way to enter data in the DB.

    The main thing I am working on right now is the on-the-fly generation of a dialog that would contain data entry capabilities for only certain tests, selected according to pre-determined rules (stored in the DB). Here's how the table looks like in the DB:

    @FK to Set FK to Test
    1 1
    1 2
    1 3
    1 4
    2 2
    2 3
    2 4
    ... ...@

    Hence, if user selects Set 1, only Tests 1 through 4 need to be present in the dialog. Each test necessitates a form to be filled by a user. In more practical terms, each test has a corresponding class which inherits QWidget and has a .UI file associated with it.

    List of threads where you can help me! ;)

  • It sure made me look :)

  • Yeah, that was my fear. Well, if can post links to some of the questions that are related to this, if you want to help! ;)

  • Don't read this comment either. I couldn't resist and had to click on this thread. :-)

  • Damnit, curiosity killed the cat again....

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