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Which platform is best for IDE Mac or Windows?

  • I have a Mac but I usually use windows, I would like to create a system the uses both Android and IOS clients, like everyone right? Anyway I just finished installing all the requirements for windows Qt IDE and just noticed Android but no IOS, Of course this is understandable, but before I install all this on my MAC what's the down side or additional benefits?

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    Hi and welcome
    To compile for IOS, you need a mac as far as i know.
    Also to test with app store etc, its just easier to be on a mac.
    So in most cases , you need both platforms anyway.
    If you dont need windows Desktop/Modern app , you could just
    use the mac for development.

  • To add to what @mrjj said, there's a table with a overview over the supported host / target platforms on the wiki: Supported Platforms

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