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PySide 1.0.4 - "The winter is coming": Python for Qt released!

  • The PySide team is proud to announce our monthly release of PySide project.

    Major changes

    PySide now is 100% compatible with squish[1]

    About PySide

    PySide is the Nokia-sponsored Python Qt bindings project, providing access to
    not only the complete Qt 4.7 framework but also Qt Mobility, as well as to
    generator tools for rapidly generating bindings for any C++ libraries.

    The PySide project is developed in the open, with all facilities you'd expect
    from any modern OSS project such as all code in a git repository [2], an open
    Bugzilla [3] for reporting bugs, and an open design process [4]. We welcome
    any contribution without requiring a transfer of copyright.

    List of bugs fixed

    • 882 Can't use QApplication without X
    • 881 pyside-lupdate generates incorrect context when a class contains another class
    • 879 QDoubleSpinBox: Can't call the parent validate() method from a subclass
    • 877 Fatal Python error on application quit
    • 875 Missing underscore.js in uploaded files
    • 874 QApplication.winEventFilter(msg) not implemented but in docs
    • 872 Squish GUI Tests work with QT & PyQt but not Pyside.
    • 871 Shiboken should prevent custom code on virtual methods to cause infinite recursion.
    • 870 QStylePainter.drawControl doesn't draw anything
    • 869 QDateTimeEdit initial time problem
    • 868 Returning color value from styleHint() hangs application
    • 865 Apparent reference counting problem with event filters
    • 863 QAbstractFileEngine::beginEntryList isn't exported to Python
    • 862 Problems when printing objects
    • 860 Problems with slot overloads
    • 858 pyside-rcc produces bigger files than pyrcc4
    • 853 MeeGo packages don't contain PySide.QtOpenGL module
    • 827 Anchor sign for headers to copy links for sections
    • 631 QSocketNotifier: Accept file-like object (with .fileno() method) in constructor
    • 501 Shiboken generator doesn't use full qualified name (with ::prefix) on all places.
    • 464 Can't create target lang package and namespace with the same name
    • 424 QDockWidget.setTitleBarWidget does not accept 0
    • 292 Rich comparison overload order issues


    The files can be downloaded from PySide download page[2]



    PySide Team

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