Announcing Qtesseract game server

  • Hello gentlemen,

    I'm announcing Qtesseract, a fork of the Tesseract game engine extended with the Qt libraries.
    The most amazing feature of this project is that the server side is now scriptable via QJSEngine - it took me a few weeks of spare time to get it working the right way, also thanks to the great help of people in this forum!
    It's all open source, please feel free to chime in for some constructive criticism.
    The server is already online, if you want to play it you need the latest Tesseract nightly build.

    More information on the server here, and some in-game screenshots here.

    The plan is to keep extending the server side.
    I also wanted to start using js on the client side, and use Qml as a gui, but for the life of me I could not solve this problem with SDL2 and QtQuick.

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