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issue with gerrit registration. need help

  • tried to create an account in gerrit , and it's done
    however my email address is not shown in a settings,
    as I see in documentation , I have to register new email.
    did it for my primary email for qt account,
    when I'm opening received link I see a error "Identity in use by another account"
    if I'm using another email address - I have a message "invalid token"

    any idea how to complete gerrit registration ?

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    Hi @amigo421,

    tried to create an account in gerrit , and it's done

    1. When did you create an account in Gerrit, and how?
    2. What happens if you log out of Gerrit, go to, click "Sign In", and sign in using your Qt Account?

    1. Jun 23, 2016. switch from and filled up required fields, don't remember in details
    2. I'm doing exactly like you describe
    • logout
    • login using qt account
    • go to user settings
    • contact info - see that email is empty
    • register email, the same like in Qt Account
    • getting notification into my Gmail
    • go throu the link
    • getting "Identity in use by another account"

    if you have an access to gerrit administration, you can look at my account linked with Qt Account : ernst.maurer at

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    Hmm... sorry, I'm not sure what's happening, and I don't have admin access to Gerrit.

    To contact an admin, subscribe to the Development mailing list and post there.

    Please note that it is currently summer holidays in Norway, so most of the Qt Company staff are currently on leave.

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