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Size of QMainWindow on 4K-Screen when a QMdiArea is contained

  • I own a 4K-display with a size of ~40" (100cm). A really large one, but not a high resolution retina-like, it has ~110 dpi.

    When I start a simple QMainWindow containing a QMdiArea as central widget, the application starts with a window size of 2560x1440 which is astonishing large. I am wondering if this default size for such a display is a good idea?

    It seems that the default size is just 66.67% of the display size which might be a good idea for reasonable sized displays, like 1920x1080 (which I used before) or for retina-like high-resolution displays. Maybe the default size shall take in account the pixel size (dpi) too?

    Yes I can fix that, but what size would be a good one?

    Any ideas?

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