Qt quick 3d in Symbian (Qt 4.8)

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    Hi , I was looking for examples and installation packages qt quick 3d for symbian . But all the links are broken . not even if someone has them.

    Also wondering if I have to install something or just use "import qt3d 1.0 " official QML . and try to make it work without success.

  • Hi @Dante-Leoncini

    The problem with this is that the module is five years old and support for Symbian was handled by Nokia, and discontinued when Nokia sold the phone business to Microsoft.

    You would need the Symbian SDK and the Qt Quick 3d module from those times. I have no idea where to find those, as all the official sources have been discontinued.

  • I have a 4.8 qt sdk for symbian . it was hard to get . But I think it lacks the "quick 3d" because it allows me to compile . Able to find examples for symbian but all fail to compile. Mistakes are missing something or that " quick3D " was not found , now I have the program to see that read exactly

  • Technically it was part of Qt ... 4.8(?) if I recall correctly.
    You could try and see if the repositories still have it. And then try and build it with the SDK.

    I would look from https://github.com/qt/qt3d/tree/qt4/devices and try to find roughly the right tag there.
    That is a stale branch, so no formal help available anymore. And I don't know where the people who made Symbian Qt apps back then are now.

    I'm really useless in the technical side of things, I just remember those SDKs and tools pretty well. Never used the Symbian one though.

  • I will look for an old sdk . Which I have not work well. The qt sdk can only xecute very few simulations and I can not create symbian sisx packages . The Carbide.c ++ was the best I worked. but I pulled examples of Qt3d error . as not fix try to find another sdk

  • Creation Time Description Resource Path Location Type
    1471315239516 /Nokia/devices/Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v1.0/epoc32/release/armv5/lib/Qt3D.dso: No such file or directory model_viewer line 0 C/C++ Problem

    Creation Time Description Resource Path Location Type
    1471315239517 /Nokia/devices/Nokia_Symbian_Belle_SDK_v1.0/epoc32/release/armv5/lib/Qt3DQuick.dso: No such file or directory model_viewer line 0 C/C++ Problem

    achieves see a couple of examples on the computer. But when I try to compile it into " Carbide.c ++ " out those mistakes. not how to fix it

    I think this is the error but do not understand how to fix it.