Qt 5.2 touch screen offset

  • I am trying to get touch screen five point capacitive touch working correctly with Qt 5.2 app on raspberry Pi 2.
    I am invoking the application this way:

    opt/calqlatr_u/calqlatr -plugin evdevmouse:/dev/input/event2

    where /dev/input/event2 is for touch screen input. When application starts, cursor is in the left and
    top corner of the screen. When I touch the screen for example in point (x, y) for the first
    time during application runtime, it seems that this event is parsed as touch in (0,0)- (left top corner),
    so after that I have an offset in touchscreen interaction which I can remove only by touching the screen
    in the top left corner.
    But in X11 touch screen works correctly, this effect is present only in Qt application with EGLFS.

    I've also tried

    opt/calqlatr_u/calqlatr -plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event2
    ```but it seems that then touch events are ignored by application - it catchs focus after first touch,
    but for example MouseArea does not process the touch.

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