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QtQuick - From bling bling to blink blink

  • That's the topic of my latest blog post over at "":

    It demonstrates how the declarative module can be used for other things than just amazing UIs.

    Please take a look at the blog post for more information, reference to source code and a video clip.

    Hope you enjoy it and get some ideas :)

  • Very cool! Must be lots of fun to play around with!

  • Yes, it's really cool and I think there's a lot of opportunities with QtDeclarative.

    I'm planning to try out using QML as a dependency injection container to setup applications. I don't think that typical containers, such as SpringFramework, supports property bindings but that might have changed since I last used it in the good old days :)

    For example:
    ServerSocket {
    port: 8080

    handler: ClientHandler {
            dataBase: MySqlDb { url: "..." }



  • I have had a similar idea but with using QML to define hierarchical state machines. It's on my list of things to try out at some point.

  • I really hope that the Qt guys keeps the declarative engine at its minimum so it's possible to do this kind of things w/o having to pull in QWidget etc. I'm very excited to see what will come up in the next couple of years in terms of how QML is used.

  • A plan that was pitched by the Trolls at the contributors summit (nothing decided yet!) was that the declarative engine would end up in Qt Core, but the GUI related stuff would be left out. You certainly will not have to pull in the widgets module (which will be split off from QtGUI) to use it.

  • Qt Core, that would be cool!

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