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New Qt Essentials Exams Available

  • Hello Qt developers,

    as you maybe know, there are new Qt Exams. I specifically interested to QT AND QML ESSENTIALS 010-003. I would like to pass this exam but PearsonVUE provides only let’s say “old” exams like 010-002, 021-001 and 022-001 (see official PearsonVUE list of exams by Qt Company.

    I therefore wish to ask - is there some possibility to pass the 010-003 exam at the moment?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi,
    I would like to bump this question - when new certification exams will be available(I already have voucher)?

    Also i would like to extend it a little bit. I own old 010-001 Qt Essentials exam. Can I get Officially Certified Qt Quick Specialist title by passing QT QUICK UI 023-001 exam or do i need first to pass QT AND QML ESSENTIALS 010-003 exam?


  • Hi,

    For some reason there have been several delays on getting the exam questions live. I don't have any details, as this is handled almost completely by pearson.

    I'll ask our training people about your case where you have the old essentials and do the new Qt Quick exam.

  • @2_b_3 I asked the trainers, and they said that the old 010-001 exam is equivalent to the new 010-003 when giving titles.

    So you don't need to pass the new exam if you have the old one passed.

    And if you have a valid voucher that you bought, you can use it on the new exams (i.e. the voucher is not tied to old or new exams).

  • And is it already known the date when these new tests will be available?

    Thank you for response.

  • @def_vsk no known date. We are really hoping still during June, but we don't have a fixed date.

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