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missing include files

  • Hi, I'm new in qt and also I'm new here, I have a problem with 3 include files the sys.ioctl.h, linux/spi/spidev.h and linux/types.h. I'm working on a project and the method of work is cross compiling, the host and development machine of the project is based on windows and the target machine is raspberry, I decided to use GUI and I installed qt5.6 the project was developed in eclipse but there is not posible or is very hard to create GUI for C++ programs. The problem is that on eclipse everything works fine but in qt is not exist the mentioned include files. Some help in this way?

  • I assume that by Qt you mean Qt Creator, the IDE.
    If the problem with the 3 include files is resulting on a build error, the issue is related to missing information about include paths. The compiler needs to know where are those include files - notice they are Linux system headers, they are not part of Qt.

  • @anselmolsm Yes, I mean the IDE qt creator.
    Yes, that include files are missing and are linux related and I want to know how it can be resolved. Maybe if I know how to setup another compiler like gcc to point to that missing files.

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