QxOrm 1.4.2 & QxEntityEditor 1.1.9 released : support JSON serialization

  • Hello,

    QxOrm 1.4.2 and QxEntityEditor 1.1.9 just released !

    QxOrm library 1.4.2 changes log :

    • Support JSON serialization : each C++ class registered in QxOrm context can be serialized/deserialized in JSON format (JSON feature requires Qt5)
    • For more details about JSON serialization, read QxOrm manual here : http://www.qxorm.com/qxorm_en/manual.html#manual_606
    • With JSON serialization and QxService module : it is now possible to create REST Web Services to send data to a javascript engine (web pages for example)
    • Fix some compilation errors with recent (and less permissive) compilers and latest versions of boost and Qt
    • Fix relationship initialization assertion with complex, deep and circular relationships in large database schema
    • Improve QDataStream serialization : should be faster now and fix an issue with circular instances dependencies
    • Fix a bug fetching 1-n and n-n relationships when root is a container of stack objects (it worked only with pointers or smart-pointers, for example : QList<blog> vs QList<std::shared_ptr<blog>>)
    • Improve qx::dump() function : possibility to display a C++ instance state in XML or JSON format

    QxEntityEditor application 1.1.9 changes log :

    • New import plugin to connect to MySQL or MariaDB database without having to deal with ODBC settings
    • New import plugin to connect to PostgreSQL database without having to deal with ODBC settings
    • New import plugin to load a QxEntityEditor project from a JSON file
    • Fix SQLite import process to manage composite keys
    • Improve Javascript engine to customize export process : new types available by script to manage files and directories + possibility to get/set environment variables (read custom_script.js file in ./samples/ directory for script examples)
    • Improve Javascript engine to customize export process : new events/actions available by script : PLUGIN_EXPORT_START, PLUGIN_EXPORT_END, AFTER_CLOSING_FILE
    • New message box displayed if directory doesn't exist when starting an export process (to create it automatically)
    • Fix an issue with the "Tag project state" function (project historic) : each tag double the size of a *.qxee project file (now each tag is optimized)
    • Fix C++ services export process when C++11 features are enabled in QxOrm.pri configuration file
    • Possibility to export a *.qxee project file to a JSON text file (can be useful to store a text representation in a source control, like Perforce, VSS, CVS, Git, etc...)
    • Possibility to use an environment variable to define QxOrm library location (using the same syntax as qmake, for example $$(QXORM_DIR))

    You can download latest version of QxOrm library and QxEntityEditor application on QxOrm website.

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