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Feedback on documentation needed! :)

  • You might know that we are bringing the documentation to devnet these days, and in that process we are looking into making a couple of design changes in the way the that the class documentation is displayed. Traditionally the page is built up by a selection of lists providing shortcuts for all members of the class; this is followed by e detailed description of the class itself, and at last all the members are listed with their complete description. See example:

    The problem with this setup, is that we end up with very long pages which you have to scroll up and down forever. We would like to get your opinion on our suggested solution to this.

    So, here is the old way of doing it:

    1. Scroll down to the lists showing all properties, functions etc.
    2. Click on the function you want to read about.
      ! the function)!
    3. The page jumps down to the function clicked.
      ! page scrolls down)!

    The suggested way would be like this:

    1. Scroll to the listed members.
      ! on the [+])!
    2. Click the [+] next to the function you want to read about and the details will pop down underneeth.
      ! the documentation)!

    The new way of navigating contains the same number of clicks, but in addition to showing you a complete function signature right away, it also gives you a short explanation on what the function does.

    The real treat is that we reduce the page height with up to 70% which makes it possible to scroll up and down the whold page without draging the mouse over your desk several times. :)

    The styling is not final!! ;) We just want your feedback on the feature, so don't discard it just because you think it is ugly :)

    So, what say you? The old way; or the high way? :)

    [EDIT: fixed link to QWidget docs, Volker]

  • Problem with the new way is, that you can not quickly scan the list visually. BTW: there has been usability testing on the docs at the DevDays in 2009. Perhaps you should use that research instead of starting over?

  • Well, I usually use the search function of my browser to jump to the correct function I need. I think you should include a function to expand/collapse everything on the page and have registered users set their preferences as to whether they want it expanded or collapsed by default.

  • I like loladiro's suggestion.
    Andre is also right : we need the possibility to have an overview

  • I also like loladiro's suggestion....

  • Moderators

    I never use the docs site to look up things: It is just too clunky. So do whatever you want, as long as you do not mess up the pages in assistant. So please keep Qt Creator and assistant in mind when changing the stylesheets.

  • loladiro: Indeed, that is a very good suggestion. I also discovered a challenge - with the help of one of the other devnet users - that while hidden, it is impossible to find the text while doing a CTRL+F search.
    The solution to the challenge would be to expand all the sections as you press CTRL+F. I will test this next week.

    Tobias: No worries - this version is for devnot only and is not part of the Qt library at all. However, I believer that the doc team would be happy to know about any suggestions on how to make the documentation better :)

  • Sounds good, keep us posted!

  • i would like the new design but if there is a collapse all / expand all button and a quick search in page.

  • the other visible advantage of this will be having the general class documentation directely at top of the page instead of having only a small part an a 'read more' link to see the rest....

  • I do think there are benefits, if the mentioned downsides can be fixed. One suggestion though, would be to remove the short explanation line. This line makes a quick visual scan more difficult. Instead, you could offer this information when hovering the item (make it expand a little at mouse over or as a tooltip-like popup), and of course show it when the item is expanded.

    Also, I think the expand button should go in front of the item, not behind it. That is where expand buttons normally are (in tree-view like items and for code folding in Creator).

  • All: Thanks for the feedback! Many great suggestions. I believe that I can reach a solution that would make all(most) happy :)

  • I personally don't like the inline expansion. I often just scan the functions to check what exists. And if you open one, you have to close it again, otherwise there is too much between 2 functions from the list.
    And think of people, checking 5 functions, with similar signatures or names, they open all 5 and then want to scan the list again, they would have to open all 5 (which are one under the other) and close all of them again. In the old docs, you jump to one with one click and have all 5 one under the other. And going back to the list is just one click then.

  • i agree with Gerolf above : the button must be placed before the text, to be all time at the same place.

  • would be fine with a expand all for when its needed however if we decided to keep the old style being able to link to the return type and paramater types from the list of methods at the top of the page would be a useful additional feature

  • Would it be a good idea to have the possibility to also show the inherited methods in the overview in a nice way? It is easy to miss methods or signals that have been defined in base classes, and it would be nice if you could augment the current overview with them. Coolest would be if you could that step-by-step. For instance, if you are viewing the docs on QSslSocket, you could expand the docs like this:

    QSslSocket specific stuff (default view)

    add QTcpSocket specific methods (the ones not reimplemented by QSslSocket)

    add QAbstractSocket specific methods (the ones not reimplemented by the above subclasses)

    add QIODevice specific methods (the ones not reimplemented by the above subclasses)

    finally add QObject methods.

    Methods added to the docs from a baseclass, should probably be marked as such with an [Inherited from <ClassName>] kind of label.

  • A very good idea, Andre! I would appreciate this.

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    That's a great idea, Andre. I would be behind that 100%.

  • like the new way with few suggestions

    1. Like others said, expand button goes to the beginning of the line. Generally function names are of various character lengths. If we have expand button at the end, we may need to search for them.
    2. Do we need this line explanation for each method. Does it convey any useful information. If we remove it, its almost same as good old layout, and we gave expand buttons added at the beginning of each method / property.
    3. We need to have collapse all button readily available somewhere in each page. Otherwise we end up with same problem that we have now.

  • Seems that links inside the code blocks have some issues and the link url are visible. You can see the issue in for example

    @<a href="qdeclarativeimageprovider.html">Image</a> { source: "image://myimageprovider/image.png" }@

    Otherwise liking the new style docs.

  • Andre: I agree that inherited members should be displayed in a better way. Actually, they are now in the lists with the other class members, so they should be easy to find now. It can probably be done (with the current documentation XML source) in the way that you describe, but it will require a heavy reconstruction. It will be up to the web team to decide upon this. I’ll make sure to put it in the pile of requests. :)

    Vijay: Thanks, we are testing different solutions right now. I’m including your input in the case. :)

    timoph: Thanks, we have discovered a flaw in the syntax highlighter, so we will remove the links inside code snippets for now.

  • this new idea is nice and will reduce scrolling for quite a bit

    the link to expand function definition is too small,
    something like jiras road map would be easier to use with nice wide target

    as long as you have easy accessible options for expand/collapse all
    the browser text search won't be a problem
    in most cases i don't believe that search through long description would be unnecessary

    what i would like to add are filters/sort by:

    • function return type
    • function arguments contain a type
    • inherited from

  • few more comments...

    1. Most of the qt function names are self explanatory, don't know how much benefit we get by adding one line description to them.

    2. When a method is in expanded state, we can add "collapse all" button next to collapse button of the method

    3. And there should be a global "collapse all" button available.

    4. Along with #include for the header file, it would be nice to say if there is any qt module that needs to be included in .pro file. I have seen lot of posts in the internet complaining about compile time errors with out including needed qt modules in .pro file.

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