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Check spelling in posts

  • I don't know if this is a "must have" feature, but I think it might be useful. Sometimes it is very hard to read posts with misspelled words, especially when there are no punctuation marks. People have to re-read posts couple of times to catch the idea of it.

    However, checking grammar is questionable, since there are lots of members, whose native is language is not English.

  • My browser does spell checking for me. Is it really necessary to do server side spellchecking nowadays? If people do not care to enable/follow browser based spell checking they will just as readily ignore server-side suggestions.

  • Users can try "After the Deadline":http://afterthedeadline.com/ browser extension for Firefox. It checks spelling and also grammar. This could be used by members whose native language is not English.

  • Yes, I understand that spellchecking can be ignored on either side.
    My browser does the spellchecking too (and I tend to pay attention to its warnings), but it is useful only if you are not ignoring it.

    Maybe it should be mentioned in QtDN rules that people at least try to follow grammar/punctuation/spelling rules.

  • Server side spell checking is not high up on our list, the browser just does a much better job of it. But I second "lyuts":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/member/1134 idea of adding it to our guidelines in a way that doesn't alienate non-native writers (like me!).

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