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C++/Qt Developer Needed On-Site US-Alabama or Indiana

  • Looking for 2 US Based (citizens) C++/Qt developers with the following experience for a 1-2 year on-site contract.

    Senior Software Engineer with strong software design, implementation, and test skills understanding the quality attributes of concurrency, fault-tolerance, memory management, and performance. The Senior Software Engineer ensures the logical and systematic conversion of customer or product requirements into software solutions, working with the projects systems engineering staff. This position requires interpersonal, organizational, communication, management, and administrative skills.
    In this role you will:
    • Work as a part of the software development team to implement and test software requirements
    • Work with other engineers, systems analysts, programmers, technicians, and top-level managers in the architecture and design of the software system
    • Work closely with the systems and test groups to ensure that the developed software meets the customers’ expectations
    • Create scripts to build workflows or custom solutions to problems
    • Write procedures, methods, workflow documents and standard operating procedures
    • Ability to exercise “attention to detail” and follow oral and written instructions
    • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, help identify workflow inefficiencies and problems that can arise and helps develop workarounds

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    • Must have experience developing large applications in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio in an Agile environment
    • Should have experience with the Standard Template Library (STL)
    • Must have experience designing, writing, and debugging desktop applications for Microsoft Windows
    • Must be skilled in object-oriented design and applying design patterns
    • Communicates effectively and able to work as part of a software team
    Education and Experience Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Electrical and/or Systems Engineering, Computer Science, a related technical field or the equivalent experience is required. In addition, a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience is required. Must be able to travel 20% of the time. Applicant must be a US Citizen. No Clearance Required. Experience in any of the following would be helpful: � Experience with storing and retrieving using databases with SQL � Experience creating user interfaces with Qt � Experience with digital geographic mapping technologies � Experience writing automated unit tests � Experience with multi-threading, synchronization, and mutexs � Familiarity with internet protocol networking (IP/TCP/UDP) and WinSock � Experience with cross-platform development using GCC on Linux � Knowledge of US Army operational doctrine or military domain � User Interface development

    Send resumes to for immediate review and consideration.

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