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not get GPIO pulse

  • hello everybody i try to
    generatea GPIO pulse signal but i dont get any signal an oscilloscope.i use raspberryPi2 als controller
    my code

    #define PIN RPI_BPLUS_GPIO_J8_11
    if (!bcm2835_init())
    qDebug() << "error during initialisation of library"

        bcm2835_gpio_fsel(PIN, BCM2835_GPIO_FSEL_OUTP) //set pin to output
        bcm2835_gpio_clr(PIN);// set pin to low
         {    for(int i=0; i<5;i++)//5 perioden
                     bcm2835_gpio_write(PIN, HIGH)// pin auf 1
                     bcm2835_delay(500);    //wait 0.5s
                     bcm2835_gpio_write(PIN, LOW);//pin auf 0
                     bcm2835_delay(500);//wait 0.5


  • Hi are you getting any error? And are you running the code as root? (sudo ./a.out) Try pasting your code. Examples from is working fine.

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