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custom calender widget in qt. help me

  • can any one give your ideas how to create a custom Widget for a calender . this is my requirement.

    1. Design & Develop Qt Application for displaying yearly calendar.
      i. Display the 12 months in a year
      ii. Option to change the year
      iii. Option to add event
      iv. The days with events has to be highlighted
      v. On mouse hover, the highlighted days has to show the events
      (Note: Should not use QCalendarWidget)

  • Hi! First of all draw some pictures that show in great detail how your widget shall look and add textual descriptions how the user shall interact with it.


    please refer this requirement image

  • My first idea would be to have a custom widget for each day of a month. Such widget could inherit from QLabel. A tooltip could be used to display event data. Next create a custom widget to display a single month. This could be a QWidget with 7x6 gridlayout that holds the labels for "s m t w t f s" and the custom widgets for each day. Then make another custom widget that contains a gridlayout with the custom widgets for each month and a label for the year on top.

  • Thank you for your support.:-)

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