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Hiring Qt Engineers for next gen AI Platform (Berkeley, CA USA)

  • Bonsai is AI for Everyone. We are building technology that enables the world’s eighteen million software developers to build sophisticated artificial intelligence solutions. A core piece of this technology is Mastermind--a user interface for building AI applications.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Front-end: Work with a product manager and other software engineers to build Mastermind IDE
    • Work with product manager to build visualizations for deep learning systems
    • Collaborate with other team members on how Mastermind interacts with back-end systems


    • Curious, love to learn, ready to experiment
    • Degree in computer science, engineering or sciences
    • Experience with Qt (knowledge with Qt 5 and QML preferred)
    • Several years of work experience as a software development engineer
    • Nice to have: Familiarity with data visualization, particularly visualizing learning algorithm output and performance
    • Nice to have: familiarity with Qt Creator
    • US Work Visa/US Citizens Preferred

    Why Bonsai?
    Bonsai is driven by a simple but far-reaching question: how does one program a machine that is truly intelligent to do something useful? You certainly won't program it the way we do now. Simply put, if it is in fact truly intelligent, then by design it must learn, which is to say, it must be taught. This then leads to the conclusion that we must have tools that enable us to automate instruction so that the intelligent machine can be programmed.