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Favorite / reputation confusion

  • Hi everyone!

    As the title already suggests I find the favorite / reputation terminology confusing and I've seen quite a number of newcomers using the favorite system when it was obvious that they really wanted to make the statement that a forum posting was helpful for them and thus use the reputation system.

    I suggest to rename "favorite" to "bookmark" and "reputation" to "likes" as this is what everyone knows from facebook, youtube, et. al.

    Work to be done:
    Only rename some strings on the forum. No logic has to be touched.

    I've created the following visual mockup to support my claim ;-)

  • @Wieland
    In my opinion a really good idea.
    It follows the nomenclature user are used to. BTW not only newcomers are confused. If you do not use it on a day to day basis you have think twice.

  • In addition, we lack the hint messages when hovering the favorite and reputation controls this would also helped to reduce confusion.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Fully support this idea as I also noticed that some read Favorite as a form of "like" and
    not to bookmark for later.

  • Yes, the words are unfortunately not standard.
    The latest nodebb themes seem to hide the favourite tab to the topic menu, which makes sense.
    But we could still change the voting buttons to thumbs up and down or something more sensible.

    Also hints on mouse-over would definitely make sense.

    I'll ask when someone here can hack our theme to include those changes.

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