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Looking for C++ / Qt Software Engineer in Montpellier (South of France)

  • SII is looking for an experienced C++/Qt Software Engineer.

    The Software Engineer, works as part of the framework team and helps develop and maintain the software platform. The position reports to the Framework Team Lead.
    Successful Software Engineers, C++/Qt have the ability and motivation to work across both software and geoscience disciplines and are experienced in developing with the C++ object-oriented language.
    They are accurate, proficient in Windows, and Visual Studio (2010, 2013), and have knowledge of UI/UX (user interface design). They work well alone or in a team, have good communication skills, are fluent in english and if possible in french.

    • Develops the platform structure into a system of shareable and reusable components, thus meeting performance requirements.
    • Participates in the experimentation of proposed solutions including tests, performance criteria, and scripts.

    • Master’s degree in computer science.
    • Minimum three years’ experience in Software Engineering
    • Advanced skills in object-orientated languages C++, design pattern, UML and Framework Qt

    This position is managed by a permanent contract.
    If interested, please contact me by private message.

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  • Banned

    @thomas.p hi please message me your mail id I will send my CV...

  • Hello Sir,

    Would you send me an e-mail to
    I will send my Resume to you.
    Thank you,

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