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Mark as read does not always work

  • Apparently the flagging that a post has been read does not work all the time.

    I had noted already that occassionally when trying to mark all posts as read nothing happened. I can go through the procedure a couple of times without any change. The number of unread topics and the list does not change.

    Now I have the same problem with single posts. Respectively, I have noticed the same problem with single posts. I read a post a post when the unread icon showed "2". After reading the post it was still "2", I thought a new post came up. After reading the other post still "2" as unread, but opening that I had checked this already and it did not have a new response. The last response was about an hour ago.

  • Ok, will investigate.

    I regularly use mark as read to follow the place and haven't seen this bug.

  • @tekojo
    I guess most will not see the bug, because it is not obvious with a long list of posts.
    I had noticed only because there where only two and I incidently decided to check them out.

    BTW this is on Chrome on Win 10.