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"RaspberryPi2EGLFS" guide question

  • Hi,
    currently i am using qt5.3 cross-compiled on rpi wheezy.
    I would like to upgrade to jezzy and then to qt5.5.1 or qt5.6.

    There is a new guide, which claims to enable hw accelerated opengl:

    1. Does this include playing hw accelerated videos through qtmultimedia?
    2. If yes, how does that work? I thought it requires gstreamer 1.x which is not included in the "configure" command
    3. There were a few posts, that reported on qt5.5.0, that gstreamer1.0 doesn't work with the egfls plugin. Those posts are a few month old, though. Has this been fixed, or is it still not possible?

    Thanks a lot for your help,

  • Hi. I'm using Debian 8 (jessie), by upgrading my Raspberry Pi from Debian 7 and Qt 5.5.1.
    I confirm that Qml and OpenGL ES does not work.
    I'll try Qt 5.1.1 during the weekend with the official Debian Jessie iso.
    If you will be able to run a Qml application in Raspberry please write here.
    I'm very interested because if there isn't a solution I have to downgrade two Qml applications to QtWidgets

  • @mrdebug
    My question was about hw accelerated movies using qtmultimedia.
    I compiled qt 5.3 a while ago for rpi 1 and that works like a charm.
    I am using qml and that's run hw accelerated on the pi.

  • Ah, ok.
    After following the guide still I can't use qml, I obtain the generic error "not find platform plugin eglfs" but it is list after.
    Can you explain how to start a qml application? Are you using xorg as container or simply something link ./App -platform eglfs??

  • @mrdebug
    Hm, can't remember how i did it at the beginning.
    Right now, i am compyling and deploying my apps fro qtcreator on my host linux pc. After that i can simply run the apps on the pi by ./myApp -> without the platform option

  • Ok. Are you able to run Qml applications in Raspberry Pi?

  • @ben80 There is now a section about Qt Multimedia on the page. It is not quite reliable for now, unfortunately.

  • To have qtmultimedia (hw decode) use this : , it works like a charm !!!

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