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  • Job Description
    We are looking for a software engineer that has a proven background of writing applications in object-oriented C/C++ or JAVA (and is willing to switch to C++). You will help us to continue to develop an application framework which is based on the Qt framework and provides the ability to quickly develop applications which can be deployed across multiple (including embedded) platforms. Background in mobile or embedded development and database knowledge (e.g. SQL/SQLite) is a plus.
    To be able to seamlessly integrate into our team of experts, we are looking for an engineer that is passionate about his/her work as well as being open to discuss new approaches and solutions with the team and customers. We are not looking for yet another code monkey and therefore need your creativity as well as your ability and verve to quickly adapt to new challenges coming along our way.

    If you want to be part of the journey towards a world where cars drive autonomously and the digital map integrates with the Internet of Things, then join us now!

    About Klebert Engineering
    We are a small and highly efficient engineering company that helps our customers build digital maps for automotive infotainment and autonomous driving. Our office is located in Gröbenzell which is close to Munich (Germany).

    We are working together with the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) consortium and its members, providing technical solutions and tooling support for the automotive mapping industry including premium car manufacturers and their suppliers. We help driving innovation in the NDS consortium by providing technical analyzes and prototypes, and support our customers with tools that help them building solutions based on the leading industry standard for digital maps. Our work touches a wide range of topics: From integration of detailed 3D city maps to engineering highly accurate lane models which are the basis for cars driving autonomously in the future. From squeezing the whole world’s map data onto one SD card to connecting the map of tomorrow to the cloud and enriching it with internet services.

    All of this is supported by our small team of experts that closely works together with the leading developers of all the great players in the industry.

    Job Offer:

  • Where the company are located?

  • @mrdebug Klebert Engineering is located in Gröbenzell which is close to Munich (Germany).

  • Is possible work remotly in your company?

    I with Qt approx 10 years. With SQL DB 13 years.
    The my CV can be found at my website

  • @aliks-os No, unfortunately this is no option for us.

  • Is the position still opened?
    Do you offer relocation inside EU?

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