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CuteReport 1.1 released

  • CuteReport 1.1


    CuteReport is an easy, powerful and extendable report solution based on Qt framework. Generally CuteReport consists of two parts: core library and template designer. Both are totally modular and theirs functionality can be simply extended by writing additional modules. It's totally abstract of used data and can use as storage: file system, database, version control systems, etc. The project's goal is to provide powerful, but yet simple to use for inexperienced user and report designers, reporting system.

    Changelog for version 1.1:

    • NEW: CSV dataset sorting implemented in format "fieldName:order". Order could be "asc" or "desc".
    • NEW: ability to make gradient painting
    • NEW: Page property "print on previous page" implemented
    • NEW: options to make GPL or LGPL build (Barcode is not supported in LGPL because of QZint GPL license)
    • NEW: Chart initial implementation (pro version)
    • NEW: Page helper implemented (pro version)
    • NEW: Page properties added: allowMirrorMargins, endlessWidth, endlessHeight (pro version)
    • NEW Extended Barcode item with powerful helper has been added (pro version)
    • NEW: formatting tags implemented (read documentation)(pro version)
    • NEW: designer module added: Format Selector (pro version)
    • NEW: value formatting editor has been added to MemoExt Helper (pro version)
    • UPDATE: format for getting dataset data is changed to support custom row. Now it is dataset.getValue(fieldName, rowNumber) or dataset."fieldName".rowNumber Second parameter can be skipped though
    • UPDATE: PropertyEditor now shows tooltips with full property name
    • UPDATE: Report parameters supporting has been improved (read documentation)
    • UPDATE: items' signals "print*" renamed to be more informative
    • UPDATE: "About" dialog now shows: build date, build type, library and designer license
    • UPDATE: ability to choose type of File Open/Save dialog: can be configured in "Options" menu
    • FIX: Now current path is correctly showed in dialog while saving unsaved file on exit
    • FIX: helper "Enter" press now does not cause helper close. Helper closes on Ctrl+Enter
    • FIX: long string in status bar does not resize Designer's window anymore
    • FIX: currect appearing in KDE menu
    • FIX: a lot of other bug fixes

    Main web site link
    SourceForge project page link

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