Camelot 11.05.13 Released

  • Hello,

    Camelot 11.05.13 has been released, and available from
    PyPi or "":

    What is Camelot

    Camelot is an open source framework that leverages Python, SQLAlchemy and Qt
    to build rich desktop applications. Many built in features make applications built with
    it user and developer friendly.

    Camelot is especially suited to develop business applications on top of a database.

    Selected changes

    • Workspace maximizes when double clicking on tab bar
    • Fix tab behavior of some editors
    • Support for editing columns in the frozen part of a table view
    • New DateTime Editor
    • More intuitive navigation pane
    • progress dialog when records are deleted
    • FileEditor supports removing files after copying them
    • EntityAdmin supports objects mapped with plain SQLAlchemy
    • confirm_delete reworked to delete_mode
    • expanded_list_search option to tune which fields show up
    • ApplicationAdmin has actions_changed_signal
    • application actions show up in home screen
    • postgres support for backup / restore
    • new actions : DocxApplicationAction, PixmapFormAction
    • Most editors now support background_color, editable and tooltip
      as dynamic attributes
    • add legend function to chart container

    And of course the usual bug fixes, speed and usability improvements.



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